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Cam Roybal

Cam Roybal

Chief Operations Officer & Regional OSJ Branch Manager

Cam Roybal found his interest in financial services during the financial crises of 2008-2009. He couldn’t help but wonder at how housing markets could have had such a large impact on the economics of our country. His personal speculation and investigation yielded more philosophical and perhaps logical answers than financial. At the direction and guidance of his father, he dutifully began to follow markets and economics, and began to shift his outlook on the world unfolding before him. Every role he could fill that involved the evaluation and management of individuals, Cam became involved.

Cam began professionally working in the Financial Services industry for a small broker dealer in south Denver. Quickly, moving through his required Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)’s registration exams, he acquired his Series 7, 63 and 24. The industry of his choice was vast and riddled with inefficiency, something that deeply and repetitively bothered him as he moved from role to role. Like his father before him, his foray into the management and evaluation of entities within the financial industry was irresistible. Thus, at the beginning of 2015, his first financially focused company Novensides Ltd. was born. The focus of which was leadership, efficiency, and management coaching for individuals and organizations operating in the financial service industry. After having met Gus Fox-Smith in a general meeting about the expansion of his personal business, Gus and Cam found common ground in their philosophy of operating a company focused on serving clients, with integrity and wisdom, rooted in justice. Cam officially joined Fox-Smith Wealth Management in 2020 to help build a new era of service and growth for the company with the intent to offer better, faster and the highest quality experience for the beloved clients of Fox-Smith Wealth Management.

Cam is a Colorado native. He enjoys reading philosophy, tinkering with computers, and spending time outdoors with his fiancé and his puppy dog, Dakota.

“Keep in mind how fast things pass by and are gone—those that are now, and those to come. Existence flows past us like a river: the “what” is in constant flux, the “why” has a thousand answers. Nothing is stable, not even what’s right here. The infinity of past and future gapes before us—a chasm whose depths we cannot see.” — Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 5.23