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Engaging our firm to work for you will be done on a flat fee or retainer basis, depending on what types of services you require.

Practice Valuation Services

Practice valuations are provided on a flat fee basis for $1,000 (fee may be increased depending on complexity) or may be bundled with a retainer agreement for Transition Consulting Services if you want us to partner with you to negotiate and structure your transition with a successor.

To begin the process of getting your valuation done, give our office a call and introduce yourself and then go to our forms page to download and complete our data gatherer and print and sign a services agreement.  Once complete, both documents can be sent to our office with a check for the contracted amount and we get to work.

Retainer Details

Engaging our firm for in depth consulting services requires entering into a pre-paid retainer agreement.  The retainer for engagement is $5,000 and covers all services for a period of 6 months or 20 hours of firm time, whichever comes first.*  Typically we can provide all that is needed for a standard transition within that timeframe in most cases.  In the event an additional retainer is required, extensions are offered at $2,000 for 3 months or 8 hours of billed time.

Just give us a call when you are ready to get started.

*If practice valuation services are requested together with a retainer agreement and not as a separate service, the total retainer fee is $5,750 for up to 20 hours of service in a 6 month period, which saves you $250 when bundling services. Time spent preparing the valuation is not billed against the retainer agreement billable hours.