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Products and Services Offered

While our firm offers a comprehensive suite of financial products and services detailed below, our focus is on employing active management strategies to pursue various goals.

In the late 1990’s Mr. Fox-Smith developed his first Sector Rotation strategies and has been managing client assets with this approach for over 20  25 years. We have been through some fairly significant up and down markets in that time, which has tested his models thoroughly. 

Over the years, and in response to the needs of many of his aging clients, he began to develop other active investment strategies to work alongside the Sector Rotation concept. Those strategies include our Dynamic Trend Timing Portfolio, which is primarily a risk abatement strategy, Alternative strategies, Buy/Write Covered Call strategies, and several others. While they all have different goals, objectives, and risks, all of his custom designed strategies focus on a core in a client’s account that is invested for the long term with a sleeve that is managed actively in order to be opportunistic and to protect a client’s assets from the market.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.  There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.

We can help you address:

  • Valuing your small business
  • A partner to negotiate business deals
  • Short term actions that bring long term success
  • Investing principles and strategies
  • Buy/sell strategies for business owners
  • Retirement investing and distribution strategies
  • Estate conservation issues
  • Risk management analysis
  • Planned giving
  • Life insurance solutions

We also can answer your questions, including:

  • How can I get solid long term performance without huge market losses?
  • How do I plan for the transition of my business to a successor?
  • Can I retire early?
  • What is my business worth?
  • Are my investments working hard enough?
  • What is a good approach for college savings?
  • What are the elements of a sound estate strategy?
  • Do I have enough life insurance for my family?
  • How do I leave a legacy not just to my family, but to the community at large?

Our experienced professionals have helped many people just like you with similar issues and concerns. We can help you create an approach that is designed to address your individual situation.


  • Fiduciary Services of an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®)
  • Tactical Asset Management
  • Risk Abatement Strategies
  • Sector Rotation Strategies
  • Customized Separate Account Management
  • Strategic Allocation Portfolios
  • QLAC Placement
  • Stock and Index Options
  • Detailed Retirement Income Strategies


  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Long Term Income Planning
  • Tax Advantaged Planning
  • Relocation Tax Issues
  • Representation Before the IRS
  • Business Start Up, Counsel and Corporate Taxes
  • Income & Gift Tax Strategies
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Estate and Elder Care Planning
  • College Planning


  • Common and Preferred Stocks
  • Options
  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Treasury Bills, Bonds and Notes
  • Government Securities
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Socially Responsible Investments
  • IRA Accounts: Traditional, Roth,SEP, Simple IRA
  • Qualified Plans (401k, 403b, TSA’s, Etc.)
  • Variable, Fixed, Indexed, and Immediate Annuities
  • College Savings Accounts: 529 Plans, Educational IRA’s


  • Succession Planning
  • Business Valuations
  • Transition Consulting and Mediation between buyer and seller.
  • Retained Transition Specialist as Consultant
  • All Buy/Sell Documents, Contracts and Agreements for Both Parties, Customized for Your Unique Transition Plan.*
  • Turnkey transition plans customized to suit your timeline.
  • Proven Client Retention Tools and Strategies including workshops, letters, and marketing.
  • Support and templates for additional client retention activities
  • Payment structure and taxation consultation to ensure the payment plan meets IRS guidelines regarding characterization of payments.
  • Accounting consultation to assist in setting up easily maintained systems for tracking and reporting after the close.
  • Risk equity analysis
  • General advice on anything related to the transition.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.  There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.

*FS Advisors Wealth Management is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. We recommend that you have the sample agreements we provide reviewed by an attorney prior to execution.