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Independence without Isolation

Strength for Your Independence

Strength for Your Independence

At FS Advisors, we believe in what you’re doing, and we want to help strengthen your practice while enabling you to focus on the reason you’re here — your clients. As a network member, you’ll enjoy comprehensive support, curated resources, and powerful practice management tools to support scale and profitability.

You Can Benefit from Joining the FS Advisor Network If...

FS Advisors Transition Planning and Consulting Services

Experienced Transition Consulting Services

Experienced Transition Consulting Services

Engage our results-oriented Transition Consultation Team for tailored strategies from start to finish. Services include personalized guidance, buy/sell documents, transition planning, practice valuation, client retention support, payment structure consultation, and more — everything a buyer or seller needs to execute every aspect of the transition.

Comprehensive Practice Valuation Services

Comprehensive Practice Valuation Services

For advisors and other cash business owners looking to sell or acquire a business, our Transition Planning Team provides comprehensive practice valuation services.
Using factors built from real-world pricing and risk models, we provide balanced valuations so that both the buyer and the seller can achieve a positive result. Services are provided on a flat fee basis or may be bundled with a retainer agreement.

Solutions for Scaling Your Practice

Wealth Management Solutions

Advanced Planning Team

Retirement Planning Solutions

Advanced Tech to Enhance Your Client Experience

Advanced Tech to Enhance Your Client Experience

Stay competitive and well-informed using robust and intuitive tools like AdviceWorks. Through AdviceWorks you can easily collaborate with clients and coordinate key actions. Meanwhile, they can access all their accounts in one place and see their progress toward their goals, helping them feel more in control and empowered.

Tactical & Powerful Practice Management Tools

Human Resources

We offer support for talent acquisition and development, and guidance for building competitive compensation and benefits packages. Our comprehensive human resources solutions empower you to build and manage high-performing teams efficiently.

Backoffice Support

We offer access to full back office support — from dedicated teams — for key functions, including account opening, portfolio management and trading, robust reporting and analytics, and asset transfers. We handle the day-to-day tasks, empowering you to focus on client relationships and strategic growth.

Practice Development

FS Advisors equips you with essential tools to help grow and develop your practice. Get the resources you need to expand into new markets, retain clients, and establish a strong brand identity. Together, we’ll help you implement foundational practices for a thriving practice and a better client experience.

New Client Onboarding

FS Advisors Wealth Management offers comprehensive solutions for seamless client onboarding. Through our personalized support and training, we can help streamline processes, minimize errors, and eliminate redundancies, while enhancing the client experience from start to finish.

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